Travel Nanny

Travel nanny working for a private family

The profession of a travel nanny extends beyond the responsibilities of a traditional nanny, accompanying children in their daily lives and throughout their journeys during vacations or parents’ business trips. Travel nannies play a crucial role, providing a solution for parents seeking to balance parental responsibilities with an international lifestyle involving frequent travels.

  • Primary Missions
    • Accompanying families on trips
    • Providing childcare during travel
    • Ensuring child safety away from home
  • Average salary: $30,000 – $70,000 per year
  • Type of job: Private child care
  • Similar jobs: Nanny, Babysitter

Description of the travel nanny profession

The emergence of the profession is rooted in the evolution of modern lifestyles, where families aspire to enriching travel experiences without compromising the comfort and safety of their children. This profession stems from the increasing need to reconcile parents’ professional demands with the desire to have their children with them, even on the other side of the world. Over the years, the role of a nanny has transformed into that of a travel companion for children, offering personalized support to families in constant motion around the globe.

A travel nanny is responsible for caring for a client’s child or children while the family is on vacation and/or during travels. This typically involves overseeing, supervising, and instructing the child or children from morning to night on most days.

Care and education are arguably the two most challenging and crucial tasks for parents.

From simple child supervision to designing and implementing educational activities, personalized leisure plans, and researching local resources, the role of a travel nanny is broad, stimulating, and extremely rewarding.

It is essential for a travel nanny to be creative and independent while also respecting and adapting activities and schedules according to the parents’ specifications. Additionally, a travel nanny may have other responsibilities while traveling, such as housekeeping, organizing, and cooking.

Roles and missions of the travel nanny

From simple child supervision to designing and implementing educational activities, personalized leisure plans, and researching local resources, the role of a travel nanny is broad, stimulating, and extremely rewarding.

Missions of the travel nanny

A nanny working for a family may be required to travel with them during school vacations or weekends, taking care of and entertaining the children throughout the entire journey.

Personalised assistance

One of the key missions of the travel nanny is to provide personalized assistance to each family. This involves a deep understanding of the individual needs of each child and parent, whether they are teenagers or toddlers. Through an attentive and proactive approach, travel nannies ensure that every family member, young and old, can fully enjoy the journey while being supervised by a caring person managing all the logistics during travels.

Overall organization

Before, during, and after the journey, the nanny is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of the child or children. The nanny is tasked with packing appropriate clothing based on the destination’s weather, favorite toys, and emergency medications.

Preparing snacks and entertainment for the journey, handling school assignments if given, preparing and packing necessary books and documents, assisting with homework, researching and organizing local activities, and accompanying the children during all activities and outings.

What tasks does a travel nanny perform?

Care and education are arguably the two most difficult and important tasks demanded by parents.

Tasks towards the children will typically include:

  • Supervising them from morning to bedtime
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Preparing necessary luggage and travel supplies (including medicines, toys, snacks and documentation)
  • Organizing nutritious, balanced meals and snacks
  • Washing and ironing
  • Cleaning and tidying bedroom(s), games room(s) and toys
  • Collecting and dropping them off to and from nursery, holiday schools and clubs
  • Organizing children’s social events
  • Encouraging and stimulating their creativity and imagination
  • Helping with homework and projects
  • Informing parents on their child’s progress
  • Caring for their physical and mental health and well-being (looking them when ill, administering medicine with parental permission, organising doctor’s visits, listening)
  • Organizing fun and educative activities 
  • Preparing them for special occasions (such as birthday celebrations, Christmas etc.)
  • Establishing with parents and upholding routines and schedules (napping, travel arrangements, meal and snack times etc.)

Desired requirements for a travel nanny

First and foremost, the candidate must demonstrate a solid experience in childcare, with a deep understanding of the specific needs related to travel. Patience, empathy, and a positive attitude towards unforeseen circumstances are sought-after qualities. Proficiency in multiple languages is an advantage, facilitating communication in vacation spots and with the children.

Primary responsibilities

A travel nanny must behave professionally at all times and be responsible for the following:

Supervision and entertainment of children during travels

 The travel nanny must create a safe, stimulating, and fun environment while ensuring the emotional well-being of the children.

Activity planning

Planning activities suitable for each stage of the journey is an integral part of the daily routine for the travel nanny.

Emergency management

In case of emergencies or unexpected needs, the travel nanny must demonstrate quick action and composure under pressure. Knowledge of first aid is a valuable asset.

Logistics, organization, and coordination

The nanny must handle logistical preparation for travels, including organizing food supplies, ensuring safety, making reservations, and managing all necessary administrative documents during journeys. This also includes managing schedules, transportation, and accommodations.

With all these missions, the travel nanny must demonstrate adaptability to the various tasks assigned.

Skills, training, and qualifications required to become a travel nanny

As a children’s companion for travels, possessing a diverse set of adaptable skills is essential. Firstly, excellent organizational skills are crucial for planning trips while anticipating children’s needs. Clear and compassionate communication is also necessary to establish a trusting relationship with families and ensure the utmost confidentiality and effective coordination.

Most-requested qualifications to hire a travel nanny

Becoming a children’s travel companion requires:

  • Hold clean criminal records in both their country of employment and country of origin
  • Present all certificates and qualifications from training centers and/or schools they attended
  • Successfully pass two interview stages
  • Provide at least three positive references from previous employers
  • Complete professional dossiers containing: CV, cover letter, proof of identity (photocopy or scan), proof of address, proof of the right to work in the country of employment (if applicable), driving license and pay slips from previous professional placements. 
  • Candidates should be aware that other documentation may also be required.

Benefits of a travel nanny

A travel nanny will accompany you during your family travels and/or vacations, providing the best professional care wherever you go. Regardless of the location or how you travel, the nanny will oversee your child(ren)’s activities and ensure the adherence to their daily routines, promoting their comfort and your convenience.

By removing the stress of organizing and childcare, they allow you to focus on your relaxation and fully enjoy this precious time with your children.

How to become a travel nanny?

To become a children’s travel companion, all you need is significant experience in childcare, demonstrating motivation, and proving your ability to assume this role through impeccable organization.

Required studies

Like a traditional nanny, qualifications or educational level is determined by credentials such as early childhood education, developmental psychology, or a certification in child care.

Practical experience

Beyond academic qualifications, practical experience is highly sought after. Starting to work with children, either as a babysitter or in vacation centers, can open doors to a travel nanny position.

Working xonditions and remuneration of a travel nanny

Working conditions

Long hours will be required, so a travel nanny must be well-organized, flexible, and patient. You may find yourself working evenings, weekends, and even holidays. Adaptability is key, as each assignment may vary in terms of duration, destination, and pace. It is imperative to adjust your schedule quickly and efficiently to meet changing needs.

Accommodations for a travel nanny

  • Residence contract: A mobile nanny is offered accommodation in a hotel or a private residence where the client’s family stays.
  • Non-Residence contract: Appropriate only when the client’s family plans to stay in one place during the employment period. You must have strict organization to be at your workplace promptly. Punctuality is crucial, as you need to coordinate with the family to be present at the right place and time.

An additional language may be required by the family. Throughout the journey, the nanny must be observant, attentive, and calm to handle the uncertainties of travel.


Regarding the remuneration of a Travel Nanny, salaries vary based on factors such as destination, specific responsibilities, and experience. In Europe, on average, the salary for a standard Travel Nanny mission ranges between 2000€ and 3500€ per month. These figures vary depending on the particular requirements of the trip, the contract duration, and the benefits offered by the employer.

Industries seeking talent: which sectors recruit travel nannies?

The profession of accompanying children on travels is not limited to wealthy families alone. Several industries recognize the added value of these professionals in ensuring children’s safety during their journeys.

Airlines and travel services

Airlines, aware of the challenges of traveling with children, are increasingly hiring Travel Nannies to ensure families receive proper care for their children during transfers or journeys.

Cities where sravel nannies are often sought

As the name suggests, a travel nanny is sought worldwide but primarily in places where families need them. This often includes affluent families where parents have jobs requiring frequent daily travels worldwide or simply to have leisure time on vacation.

This position is sought after in major metropolises like London, Paris, New York, as well as in areas concentrated with great fortunes, such as Switzerland, the French Riviera (Monaco), Dubai, etc.

This type of work is also sought in tourist areas when families are on vacation, such as the Maldives, Saint-Barthélemy, Mexican beaches, etc. Travel nannies may also take on the role of a yacht nanny, taking care of children during their travels and managing their daily routine on a luxury yacht.

How to hire a travel nanny?

If you are looking for a professional to accompany your children during their travels, hiring a travel nanny is the solution. However, to find the right candidate, turn to specialized recruitment professionals.

Advantages of hiring a travel nanny

  • Peace of mind for parents in organizing children’s travel, managing their safety, and comfort.
  • Continuation of school instructions throughout their stay.
  • Offering a variety of activities to teach them about new cultures and broaden their horizons.

Who to turn to for the search for a travel nanny with Morgan and Mallet International

Morgan & Mallet International places and recruits traveling nannies for temporary, seasonal, or permanent contracts. Our recruitment consultants are always available to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel nanny

What is the role of a children’s companion during their travels? 

A children’s companion during their travels plays a crucial role in the comfort and safety of children during their journeys. Their main responsibility is to ensure a pleasant trip and continue the same tasks and responsibilities as a traditional nanny.

What is a children’s companion during their travels?

A children’s companion during their travels, or travel nanny, is a professional dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of children during their journeys. They specialize in providing childcare services in different settings, adapting to the challenges of different locations and environments.

Why might a family hire a children’s companion during their travels?

Families may choose to hire a children’s companion during their travels to alleviate the stress of traveling with children, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both parents and children. The expertise of a children’s companion provides parents with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their journey.

What should I keep in mind when looking for a children’s companion during their travels?

When looking for a children’s companion during their travels, it is essential to prioritize experience, adaptability, and a genuine passion for childcare. Strong communication skills, a proven track record in handling travel-related challenges, and a compassionate personality are key attributes to consider.

What is the best way to find a children’s companion during their travels?

The most effective way to find a children’s companion during their travels is to go through a reputable agency specializing in childcare or household staff. These agencies carefully vet candidates, ensuring they have the qualifications and skills necessary to meet the requirements of affluent families for their travels.

Firstly, what is a children’s companion during their travels?

A children’s companion during their travels, also known as a travel nanny, is a dedicated professional committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of children during their journeys. Their role goes beyond traditional childcare to guarantee a seamless and secure experience for children in various locations.

What does the job involve?

The job of a children’s companion during their travels involves not only meeting the basic needs of children but also adapting to the challenges of different travel environments. This includes planning stimulating activities, addressing safety concerns, and maintaining a routine to create a familiar atmosphere for the children.

How to become a children’s companion during their travels?

To become a children’s companion during their travels, individuals typically need experience in childcare, relevant certifications, and a proven ability to handle the unique aspects of traveling with children. Formal training in early childhood development or a related field is often beneficial.

How to transition from a nanny to a children’s companion during their travels?

The transition from a traditional nanny role to that of a children’s companion during their travels involves gaining experience in managing the specific challenges of traveling with children. This may include seeking work opportunities with families who frequently travel or acquiring additional training in childcare related to travels.

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