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Managing an apartment or home isn’t easy, especially for busy people. However, it’s very important to have someone who will look after the house when you aren’t around. For those who want to hire a house manager, you have an experienced recruitment agency such as Morgan & Mallet which can hire the best household staff for you.

Who is a house manager?

A house manager is someone who is mandated to handle daily operations in a house. He or she will carry out the functions based on the specific needs of the house owner. House managers should be able to handle all things around the house with minimal supervision.



Requirements of a house manager

Companies and private citizens who want to hire a house manager will need some of these qualifications:


A house manager should have a minimum GED or diploma before they can be considered for the job. However, note that many customers prefer their house manager to have at least a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or equivalent.

Experience and Training

A house manager should have some years and experience and have attended several pieces of training. He or she must have worked as a housekeeper, property manager, or house agent.


Many homeowners want a house manager that has licenses and certifications from recognized bodies. No one wants to employ someone that is a novice or can’t advance in the career.



Tasks of a house manager

Here are some responsibilities expected of a house manager:

Supervising/Training household staff

A house manager is expected to have good management skills and be able to control other domestic staff. As a house manager, you should be able to train your staff on how well to maintain the home.

Overseeing contractors work

When maintenance and repairs are going on in the house, it is the task of the house manager to monitor them. If there is a need for any materials or extra cost, the house manager will inform the house owner immediately.

Purchase of household goods

A house manager is tasked with buying everything needed in a house. From groceries to interior decor and electronics, a house owner should know the best rates to get them.



The Benefits of having a House Manager at home

This takes a lot of time and commitment to sustain today’s lifestyle. Health appointments, home maintenance plans, and everybody’s agendas do not leave the family any time to enjoy. Positions of household supervisors have been produced to restore the time you lose.



How to Find a House Manager?

We find for you applicants who meet your demands. We help you with your hiring process by checking for the best candidate, regarding your needs of House Management.



What accommodation should a House Manager expect?

In most cases, accommodation is provided for house managers as the role requires constant availability. 

All our House Managers are required to:

  • Hold a clean criminal record in both their country of employment and country of origin
  • Present all certificates and qualifications from training centres and/or schools they attended
  • Successfully pass two interview stages
  • Provide at least three positive references from previous employers
  • Complete a professional dossier containing: CV, cover letter, proof of identity (photocopy or scan), proof of address, proof of the right to work in the country of employment (if applicable), driving license and pay slips from previous professional placements. Candidates should be aware that other documentation may also be required.

Morgan & Mallet International places and recruits house managers for temporary, seasonal or permanent contracts. Our recruitment consultants are always available to answer your questions.

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Morgan & Mallet International

The leading international household staffing agency

We recruit candidates with a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience in the household staffing industry

We verify the candidate's references each time, we contact every previous employer

We can advise you regarding the work contract and regulations

The recruiter organize a deep interview with all candidates to check their experience

We check their criminal record for you and all official document for your security

We can employ the candidates instead of you
(service available only in UK, USA and France)

Morgan & Mallet International is the leading global agency for luxury domestic and private staff recruitment since 2015. 

Our primary goal is the client’s peace of mind. We specialize in placing domestic and private staff both locally and internationally to cater to our clients’ personal needs. We assist our clients in recruiting household and domestic staff for a variety of settings, including private villas, apartments, palaces, royal residences, chalets, private islands, family offices, yachts, private planes, and diplomatic residences.

Our experts recruit and place highly experienced candidates for exclusive clients, including top business professionals, HNW & UHNW families or individuals, royal families, celebrities, VIPs, VVIPs, political figures, and world-renowned artists. We also provide services to embassies, governmental organizations, diplomats and their families, and international private businesses for managing their extensive properties.

As a recruitment and headhunting agency, we specialize in sourcing private, household, and domestic staff in the USA, UK, Europe, and the Middle East, for both temporary and permanent positions.

We are a global company with offices in key cities such as London, Los Angeles, New-York, Dubai, Paris, Valbonne/Monaco, and Geneva.

Morgan & Mallet House Manager Placement/Payroll Services

Your household staff under Morgan & Mallet Payroll
(USA, UK and France only)

Using Morgan & Mallet International’s payroll services for your household staff ensures legal compliance and manages tax withholdings. It guarantees timely salary payments, handles benefit deductions, reduces paperwork, and maintains organized records.

Staff receive health insurance, retirement plans, and HR support. Liability is minimized through compliance, with mediation services available. Confidentiality is maintained by securely managing employee data.

Placement Cost Calculator

Morgan & Mallet International’s household staff cost calculator helps you estimate the total costs of hiring domestic staff each month. Morgan & Mallet will employ the staff for you and will charge you monthly the estimation below.

By entering the gross salary, the calculator considers taxes, social contributions, insurance, and benefits to provide an accurate total cost estimate.

This is only an estimate. Please contact a recruiter for a more accurate estimate.

House Manager description

House Manager Job Description

house manager oversees the organisation and running of their employer’s household. 

They handle matters such as security, staff management, budgets and accounting, stock and supply operations, and generally supervise the upkeep of the entire property. 

House managers are highly valuable members of staff who are responsible for maintaining all aspects of the property. As the central linchpin of estate management, house managers must be supremely trustworthy and reliable, capable of handling all matters concerning internal staff and outsourced service providers. 

The house manager also implements annual operational budgets and manages all residential finances. They are responsible for planning all necessary renovations or construction projects required to maintain or upgrade the property.

The estate manager, or majordormo, occupies a dual role as a general manager, overseeing household staff matters such as timetables, absences, holidays and recruitment. They may also be required to manage additional properties according to the his/her employer’s needs.

Big households with a challenging juggling need or small families who want to devote more time with their kids or jobs and who have to spend a huge amount of time in a business may find an important friend in a House Manager. Enable the productive business to be overwhelmed at work. You should dedicate yourself to your loving family and lovely home-and move it on to your private housekeeper.

The general operation of a House Manager is monitoring. The House Manager has a responsibility in general to prepare, arrange and execute activities, maintain household agendas and plans, organize meetings, schedule and supervise works for home maintenance, pay house bills and carry out all other administrative tasks required.

Morgan & Mallet in Medias

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Our Recruitment Process​

Step 1

Define your recruitment needs and the profiles you are looking for

Step 2

Submission of our conclusions and notes regarding your needs

Step 3

Signature of the search mandate

Step 4

Presentation of the candidates selected by us with all the checks carried out on their professional background.

Step 5

Placement of the candidate within your property and regular monitoring of the placement for the first 3 months of employment

It is always a challenge to manage everything that needs to be taken care in your home. When you are married and both are working, then you add children, pets, or a disabled family member, it becomes nearly impossible. For these reasons, many people are seeking the help of a house manager to help ease the pressure of running a home and possible work responsibilities.

Duties of a House Manager

A house manager does not just work for a large family estate. They can work for couples, individuals, or a busy small family size. As a career, a house manager manages how things run within the employer’s home.

Duties of a house manager will vary depending on what each owner will require. For an example, in a large homethe household manager may have more intensive managerial duties.

Managers may be required to keep the home well maintained, plan the menus, keep family travel schedules, or oversee other employees like gardeners, contractors, pet care workers, and maintenance employees.

In small homes where the family is too busy to manage their home, a house manager might be responsible for shopping for groceries while occasionally cooking for the family. A house manager may need to run errands, coordinate young children and their schedules, light household chores like laundry and cleaning assignments.​

House Manager Skills

Please note that a house manager is not a babysitter or a domestic cleaning employee. A house manager has far more reaching responsibilities for private residences. Their domestic duties are varied in nature as they help in maintaining different aspects of the home.

A qualified house manager possesses many skills. They must have excellent social skills and communication skills. They have managerial or administrative skills, practical technical skills and must show dedication. House managers must be flexible to accommodate schedule changes and they must show a great deal of discretion.​

Benefits of hiring a house manager

Hiring a house manager helps homeowners to manage their stress levels in taking care of children, pet, and chores of the home. With a house manager in charge, your assistant will help manage your daily to-do lists. Homeowners have more free time when they have a trusting individual handling schedules, planning events, taking care of errands, and so much more.

A qualified and experienced house manager helps to keep your home operating smoothly. Hiring a house manager allows homeowners the opportunity to worry less about minute details and enjoy your family more.​

Home Manager Qualifications

Depending on the lifestyle of homeowners, house managers can live at home with the family or travel back and forth. Experienced and career house managers enjoy this line of work because it affords them to work for a lovely family in the suburbs to palatial estates or even the White House.

The only age requirement is that the individual must be 18 years of age. House managers were once a nearly all female career. However, today a house manager can be either female or male as long as they have the necessary skills and qualifications for that particular home.


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