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Private jet stewardess working for a private family

Private jet stewards and stewardesses form part of a service team on board private jets for clients requiring a premium service with experienced professionals. Stewards and stewardesses are required to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers throughout the flight.  

In summary

  • Primary missions:
    • Delivering personalized service
    • Ensuring passenger comfort
    • High standards of hospitality
  • Average salary : $40,000 – $100,000+ per year
  • Job type: private jet crew

What is the mission of a flight attendant in private aviation? 

A cabin crew/flight attendant on a private jet is generally responsible for ensuring that the aircraft is ready for takeoff, by liaising with the pilot and co-pilot if necessary. Their tasks include stocking and checking inventories of necessary items to ensure a pleasant flight for all passengers (such as checking food and refreshment supplies) and basic safety elements (such as ensuring that meal trays are in the upright position and seat belts are securely fastened).

What responsibilities does a private jet steward or stewardess have?

Prior to take-off, the onboard team must hold a meeting to discuss aircraft security and to update each other on aircraft security equipment and issues such as weather, possible turbulence etc.

Before each flight, security checks are carried out to ensure that all emergency equipment is available and in good condition.  This is inclusive of life jackets, torches and fire equipment. Any missing or damaged equipment must be immediately reported and replaced prior to take-off.

The private steward and/or stewardess is responsible for loading cabin luggage and ensuring that they are within the appropriate aircraft size and weight allowance. Equally, they must ensure that any passengers seated in the emergency exits are aware of emergency procedures during the unlikely event of evacuation. 

The private steward and/or stewardess is responsible overall for ensuring that aircraft is ready for take-off, liaising when necessary with the pilot and co-pilot. Their duties include keeping and checking inventories of necessary goods to provide a pleasant flight for all passengers (such as verifying supplies of food and refreshments) and basic security features (such as ensuring the meal trays are in their full upright position, that seatbelts are secured etc.).

Prior to and throughout the flight, they are expected to periodically check all on board security protocols and care for sick or injured passengers in line with best practice.  They should also be fully qualified, trained and capable of dealing with on board emergencies such as aggressive or violent behavior. 

Throughout the flight, stewards and/or stewardesses are expected to serve drinks and meals to passengers, with a special regard to their dietary and entertainment preferences. These must be noted and taken into consideration in preliminary loading and stock checks prior to take-off.

Prior to landing, stewards and/or stewardesses are responsible for undertaking a final cabin check.

A number of training options are available for stewards and stewardesses to ensure that they are fully able to cope with a variety of challenging and emergency situations. These include:

  • Disruption during take-off or landing
  • Emergency landings
  • On-board medical emergencies
  • Handling smoking on-board and cabin fires
  • Sudden loss of air pressure
  • On-board child labour, sickness, injury and death
  • The presence of dangerous products on-board
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Flight diversions
  • Water landings
  • Survival techniques for emergency landings

Daily routine of a flight attendant before departure:

  • Retrieve newspapers according to the language spoken by the clients
  • Head to the crew briefing to meet with the pilots and exchange information about the flight (turbulence, flight duration)
  • Access the stock and also retrieve food items from the kitchen 
  • Organize goods and prepare the cabin before the arrival of clients.
  •  Set up newspapers at the buffet
  • Arrange floral compositions
  • During the flight, provide meal services
  • Exchange every 15 minutes with the crew to gather their feedback on the flight and serve them meals.

Required skills:

  • Rigor
  • Flawless organization
  • Sense of service
  • Discretion
  • Flexibility in your schedule

What is the difference between a flight attendant in private aviation and in commercial aviation?

Most of you work alone in my private jet, whereas on a commercial airliner, you are several in the cabin. You must prepare and organize your work environment alone, being your own boss, whereas on a commercial airliner, it’s a team effort where each has their zone and must refer to a hierarchical superior.

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