Babysitter working for a private family

The professional life of parents juggling their work obligations often leaves little time to take care of their children. To find a balance between work and family life, hiring a babysitter allows one to reclaim personal time and reconcile all aspects of modern life while ensuring an educational and secure environment for the children. Parents can temporarily delegate the responsibility of their children to experienced professionals, providing more flexibility in their day. The search for a qualified babysitter proves to be a highly sought-after alternative.

In summary

  • Primary missions:
    • Supervising children in the absence of parents
    • ensuring the safety and well-being of children
    • preparing meals tailored to specific needs
    • managing children’s daily needs (bathing, dressing, etc.) 
    • assisting children with homework or school activities
  • Average salary: 8€ to 30€ per hour depending on the candidate’s profile (junior to experienced). 
  • Type of job: Private child care 
  • Similar jobs:

The private babysitter profession

The babysitter profession plays an essential role in the lives of many families, offering valuable assistance to parents in need of time for both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

History of the profession

The history of the babysitter profession dates back several decades, but it has undergone significant evolution over time. Originally, babysitters were often neighbors or close family members, offering their services informally. However, with the evolution of family structures and the growing need for flexible childcare services, the role of the babysitter has become professionally formalized. Today, being a babysitter involves much more than simply watching over children; it has become a serious profession, requiring skill and dedication.

Missions of the babysitter

Primary responsibilities

Babysitters are responsible for ensuring the safety, well-being, and entertainment of the children in their care. These skilled professionals are often called upon for occasional evenings, allowing parents to enjoy a moment of relaxation with confidence. They must possess basic first aid skills and be able to handle various emergency situations.

Educational and Creative Activities

In addition to supervising children, babysitters may also be required to organize educational and creative activities suitable for each age group. Stimulating their imagination outside of screens (television, video games, computer, and smartphone) and promoting the development of social skills becomes an integral part of the mission.

Communication with Parents

Transparent communication with parents is also an important component of the babysitter’s work. Sharing information about the progress of the evening, the activities carried out or desired by the parents, and any specific behavior of the children ensures a trusting relationship between the babysitter and the family.

Being a babysitter goes beyond simple supervision. It is a dynamic profession that requires enthusiasm, creativity while maintaining seriousness by following the parents’ protocol.

Requirements and Responsibilities to be a Babysitter

As a babysitter, you play a crucial role in the daily lives of children. Your commitment to safety and education is the cornerstone of this profession.

Desired requirements

In order to ensure quality service, the ideal candidate for the babysitter position must possess essential qualities. The first requirement is to have a natural ease with children, accompanied by unwavering patience. Reliability is a sought-after trait by parents to establish a trustworthy relationship. It is imperative to adhere to agreed-upon schedules with parents and maintain open and transparent communication with them to understand the specific needs of each child.

Time management 

Babysitters are required to plan various activities while respecting the routines established by parents. Time and material resource management is another requirement demanded by families for this type of mission. The babysitter’s personal time management is also crucial, as it is essential to ensure punctual and reliable presence for parents on a daily basis.

Additional Assets Many families require babysitters to have a driver’s license to transport children to and from school, appointments, as well as sports events or recreational outings.

Primary responsibilities

Your role as a babysitter extends well beyond simple supervision. You will be responsible for creating a warm and stimulating environment for the children in your care. The educational and recreational activities you plan should promote their development while ensuring their safety.

  • Supervise children, ensure their health, and physical and mental safety
  • Entertain, organize games, play with children
  • Potentially provide educational support (homework supervision, completion of certain mental and/or physical exercises, teaching new skills, etc.) as per parents’ specifications
  • Stimulate their curiosity and foster their intellectual development
  • Prepare meals and feed
  • Diaper changes, washing, and dressing
  • Encourage potty training
  • Perform light household chores (cleaning play areas, bottles) and housekeeping

What are the Skills, Qualifications, and Training Required to be a Babysitter?

Desired skills 

To excel as a babysitter, it is essential to possess a diverse set of skills. Firstly, patience is key, as managing children can sometimes be challenging. The ability to communicate effectively with children of different age groups is equally crucial. Good babysitters also demonstrate strong active listening, understanding the needs and concerns of the children in their care. Additionally, an ability to quickly solve problems and remain calm under pressure is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of children.

Required qualifications 

Although babysitting privately does not require formal qualifications, it is recommended to have at least significant experiences. However, for professional hiring, diplomas and qualifications from accredited training centers or schools are required. 

Strong references from previous babysitting experiences are also a major asset. To increase your chances of success as a babysitter, obtaining specific certifications can make a significant difference. Organizations such as the National Association of Childcare Providers offer certification programs covering topics ranging from child behavior management to creating a safe environment. These certifications add an extra advantage to your profile, inspiring confidence in parents seeking a competent professional to look after their children.


The babysitter profession does not require formal degrees, but it is appreciated to have training in first aid and/or CPR, demonstrating the ability to respond in emergencies. Some organizations also offer workshops specifically designed for babysitters, covering topics such as behavior management, preparation of recreational activities, and conflict resolution among children.

Contracts and Compensation for a Babysitter

The compensation for a professional such as a babysitter varies depending on various parameters, from experience to specialization.

Average salary for the babysitter profession

Rates can vary considerably depending on the geographical region, experience, and specific responsibilities associated with each mission. In general, hourly rates for a babysitter start around 8€ to 15€ per hour, but can increase based on location, demand, and specific skills required.

Average salary for a junior babysitter

For young babysitters entering the workforce, salaries are generally aligned with the lower end of the scale. A junior babysitter, with less experience, may offer services at rates between 8€ and 12€ per hour. However, it is essential to note that these rates are likely to increase rapidly as the babysitter’s experience and reputation strengthen.

Average salary for an expert or senior babysitter

Expert babysitters, who have accumulated significant experience and demonstrate a high level of professionalism, can command higher rates. As an expert or senior babysitter, fees can range between 15€ and 30€ per hour or more, depending on the specific requirements of each mission. Babysitters or childcare providers in particular environments, such as the yachting industry, requiring specific skills and significant experiences, may propose higher salaries.

Negotiation and Contractual Flexibility

It is crucial to emphasize that these salary ranges are general indicators, and each contractual arrangement can be subject to negotiations. Flexibility in defining contract terms, such as working hours, responsibilities, and payment terms, is common in the babysitting field. Open communication between employers and the babysitter is essential to establish a mutual agreement.

Working conditions of the babysitter profession

The babysitter profession is a rewarding field that requires a thorough understanding of the various aspects related to childcare.

Flexible hours

The hours in the babysitting field are often flexible, adapting to the specific needs of families. Parents’ working hours can vary significantly. The ability to be available early in the morning, on weekends, and also during evenings and sometimes even holidays is an essential asset. The flexibility of hours allows babysitters to adapt to unforeseen circumstances while ensuring reliable presence.

Versatility in working conditions

For a successful partnership between the family and the professional, parents can commit to providing solutions to facilitate the babysitter’s daily life:

  • Transportation solutions with or without children
  • Providing quality and appropriate equipment
  • Compensatory rest in exceptional circumstances

Live-in or Independent Babysitter?

The babysitter’s mission is often carried out during the day and does not require the professional to reside. However, babysitters may be asked to stay late or sleep at the employer’s home in exceptional circumstances agreed upon before hiring.

How does a full-time babysitter’s day look like?


Depending on the contracts, a babysitter can come early in the morning to take care of the children, prepare them, and take them to school.


The babysitter may be requested at noon to pick up the children from school and bring them home to prepare their meal.

After school until evening 

The majority of babysitter missions start from the end of the school day. They are responsible for picking up the children, preparing snacks, helping with homework, and organizing educational playtime while waiting for dinner. The job may extend to children’s hygiene (shower, bath, dressing), dinner preparation, and putting the children to bed with captivating and gentle bedtime stories.

Evenings and weekends 

The job is mostly carried out in the evening on weekdays or on weekends to allow parents to engage in personal and professional activities. Here again, the babysitter must organize entertaining activities or outings, ensure the well-being of the children, and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the house.

Where to practice the babysitter job?

Although the babysitter profession naturally fits within families, the preferred places to practice this profession vary considerably. Babysitters are frequently found serving families in the comfort of their homes. However, opportunities are not limited to private residences; an increasing number of parents are hiring babysitters to take care of their children at special events such as weddings, parties, or even on yachts for family vacations.

Wealthy families and more…

Parents from all walks of life often form the main clientele of babysitters. Being overwhelmed by professional or social commitments, they turn to these childcare professionals to ensure the supervision of their little ones. High demand in affluent and/or wealthy families constitutes a strong potential for recruitment with regular contracts, seeking a high-end and tailored service.

Recruiting sectors

The babysitter profession, although often associated with private settings, is also present in specific sectors. Childcare services are increasingly sought after in institutions such as fitness clubs, shopping malls, or even within companies offering shared workspaces. These places, aware of the growing need for parental flexibility, hire babysitters to provide quality service to families while allowing them to balance professional and family life.

Cities where the job is most practiced

While the demand for babysitters is present in all regions, some cities stand out with more intense activity in the field. Dynamic metropolises such as New York, Paris, and London are hubs where the babysitter profession is particularly widespread. Urban dwellers, often grappling with demanding jobs, seek practical solutions to ensure the well-being of their children, giving a significant boost to the demand for qualified babysitters.

Evolution of the job in recent years

Over the past few years, the babysitter profession has undergone significant evolution. Once perceived as an occasional job, it is now recognized as a full-fledged profession requiring extensive skills and experience. The profession has become highly professionalized while diversifying and specializing in various environments to meet the changing needs of modern parents.

Similar jobs

Nanny Housekeeper: Among her roles within families, a housekeeper has the task of taking care of the children, whether it be in their education, offering them recreational activities, and accompanying them in their daily lives.

Nanny: A nanny is a person responsible for taking care of children ranging from 3 to 14-16 years old in a family. Her primary role is to ensure their well-being, safety, and education in the absence of parents.

Maternity nurse: Often a trained nurse, her role is to take care of infants to relieve parents in the first months or years of the child until a family routine is established.

Private tutor: Their job involves providing personalized academic support, helping children overcome their difficulties, and reinforcing their skills in specific subjects, but their role can also extend to supervising children in the evenings and picking them up from school daily.

Who to turn to in order to find a babysitter job?

Morgan & Mallet is one of the leading babysitter recruitment agencies globally. We specialize in connecting employers and candidates in the luxury babysitting world. For our recruitments, we require a babysitter to:

  • Have a clean criminal record in their country of employment and country of origin
  • Present all certificates and qualifications from training centers and/or schools they have attended
  • Pass two interview stages
  • Provide at least three positive references from previous employers
  • Complete professional files containing: CV, cover letter, proof of identity (copy or scan), proof of address, proof of the right to work in the country of employment (if applicable), driver’s license, and salary sheets from previous internships. 

Candidates should be aware that additional documents may also be required.

Frequently Asked Questions about Babysitter

Difference between babysitter and governess?

The main distinction between a babysitter and a governess lies in their responsibilities. The babysitter primarily takes care of childcare, while the governess handles broader tasks related to household management.

Similar jobs in the babysitter function?

Similar jobs include in-home childcare, nanny, and childminder. These professionals share the crucial responsibility of ensuring the well-being and safety of children in the absence of parents.

Why hire a babysitter?

Many families need a live-in babysitter, always available and traveling with the family every day. Hiring a babysitter is essential to offer parents peace of mind when they are away. Some families may only need a babysitter for special occasions, meaning you can work for multiple families at the same time as they need your services.

How much does hiring a babysitter cost?

The costs associated with hiring a babysitter vary depending on various factors such as location, the professional’s experience, and the number of children to be supervised. On average, hourly rates can range between 8€ and 30€ per hour. It is important to consider these costs as an investment in the well-being of your children and your peace of mind.

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