The salary of a high range Nanny in the USA

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Nannies are noble childcare workers who take care of children with or without supervision. The salaries of these workers in the UK and the US has been a subject of dispute, that is why we want to shed more light on it. We will talk about nannies, their duties, and nannies’ wages in the UK and USA.

High range nanny job description

Nannies are in charge of offering care to children whether their parents are available or not. Usually, they are employed as live-in nannies or live-out nannies.

​They work for about seven to nine hours daily. Their functions include cleaning, cooking meals, laundry and other tasks determined by the parents. Nannies are also required to teach manners and aid children with their homework.

Important Nanny Skills

Some skills required from nannies include the following.​

Flexible and adaptive

Nannies are required to be very flexible in discharging their duties. They shouldn’t be too rigid, especially with young kids in their formative years.

Have exceptional judgment ability

To qualify for a nanny job, the person must be able to judge situations well and know how to react. He/she should be able to make a good judgment based on current situations.​

Loyal and trustworthy

This is a must for any nanny who wishes to work in America or UK. The parents should be able to trust the nanny with the care of their children and freedom at home.​

Good communications skills

A nanny should be able to communicate well with the kids when passing information. He/she must have clear and polite language. A nanny should not use foul language.​

Able to show a good example

The nanny should be able to portray themselves as someone with impeccable character. They must behave well everywhere, especially in front of children. This is because these young ones copy their behaviors, so they must be of good conduct.​

Educational qualifications of a Nanny

There isn’t any particular educational skill set for a nanny. Parents need before anything else someone with great recommendations. However, others want nannies with a formal degree, with experience using CPR first aid, and a nanny with a driver license.

​Some are required to have professional certifications from the International Nanny Association which issues permits to qualified minders.

The salary of a high range Nanny in the USA

A nanny salary in the USA is based on various factors like years of experience, certifications and recommendations. The average salary is $25 per hour and about $50,000 yearly. The top salaries are $60 per salary and about
$ 120 000 yearly.

In addition, new nannies take a pay rate of about $18 per hour ($35 000). These are the US rates, however, they may differ slightly from state to state.​

The Average Salary of a Nanny in the UK

Nannies are usually the highest-paid child care providers in England. Live-in nannies’ salaries range from £500 to £800 weekly. For day nannies, they earn about £500 to £800 weekly. Parents may also provide nannies with health care benefits and Car.

London remains the region which pays the highest with £15.20 per hour as the average salary. Nannies in Manchester earn around £13.50 per hour, while those in Surrey earn about £15 per hour.

Nannies remain a crucial job for every home in UK and USA. Their average salaries depend heavily on the city the work, experiences, and certifications they possess.

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