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Maternity nurse working for a private family
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Hiring a Maternity Nurse is becoming a more and more popular choice of modern families with new-borns. Whether the families are the first-time parents and scared of every step which is ahead, or the couple who have already had a baby and are expecting another one – almost all of them would love to hire a maternity nurse.What is so special about having a maternity nurse ?

Maternity Nurse is a usually a woman who is hired for a short term to help the parents to take care of the child right after the hospital and during the following period from 2-3 weeks and up to 16-18 weeks.

For the first-time mother, maternity nurse is a real treasure, as she will not only take care of the child but also will work in the partnership with parents teaching them some essentials of childcare, help the mother to recover from birth and give her the confidence to take care of the child herself.

Second or third time parents who already know what is ahead often decide to hire professional help at this time. 

Typically, maternity nurse works 24 hours – day and night, 6 days a week or has 2 days off every fortnight. Maternity nurses offer their help and guidance on the baby’s health, give some valuable pieces of advice on breastfeeding, hygiene, sleeping routine, practical help with the baby’s laundry, sterilising bottles, etc.

Unlike doula, who is more mother – and family-oriented, maternity nurse would not cook, iron and take care of older children, as she is more baby-centred.
​However, she will spend 24 hours taking care of a new-born, she will sleep with the baby and take care of all the nappies, winding and settling. 

There are several important factors which should be taken into consideration before hiring a maternity nurse. First, a mother has to be absolutely sure she would feel comfortable when there is a stranger in the house 24/7. If you have decided to hire one, you should definitely book maternity nurse in advance. If you do not have any personal recommendations from friends or family, it is better to contact an agency early in the pregnancy. Good candidates might be booked for 6 months or even a year ahead. Second, it is essential that there is a ‘click’ between mother and maternity nurse.

Which is why, a mother should be very definite about what kind of nurse she is looking for. Whether you would like to hire an old-fashioned maternity nurse, who will take the absolute care of the child and make sure the mother is recovering from the birth, or you are more into a modern maternity nurse, who has more relaxed approach.

Thirdly, it is important to decide upon the routine, the breastfeeding, feeding with bottles, etc. It is also a good idea to interview several candidates before making the final decision. However, as soon as you meet your ‘matching’ maternity nurse you will know she is the one straight away.
While choosing a maternity nurse do not forget about the education and experience.

Every maternity nurse should have at least First Aid certificate and experience working with new-borns. Do not expect them to have some special education, as very often, maternity nurses are the extremely experienced nannies who have been working with new-borns and developed special skills through practice.

At Morgan & Mallet International, we have only highly professional and qualified candidates, with checkable references and considerable experience in private families. We will take into consideration all your preferences and find the most suitable candidate for you. Our professional consultants know all the peculiarities of the profession of maternity nurse, therefore, will assist you on the highest possible standard.

If you are expecting a baby and seriously considering hiring professional help for this marvellous period of your life – do not hesitate. The best maternity nurses are booked in advance.
​Just give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with the best possible service. 

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