What is a private gardener’s salary in the USA and the UK ?

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When hiring a private gardener, a client would think of all the duties. Some of them include weeding plants, fertilizing lawns, monitoring overall plant health, and protecting the area from debris. Depending on what the employer would want the gardener to do, the pay varies. With all the responsibilities that being a gardener comes with, the salaries of private gardeners differ. It may also depend on the client’s budget and the amount that they have both agreed with.

​A private gardener is in charge of the entire vegetable garden, and it’s important to take note of the number of duties before considering the salary costs.

A private gardener’s salary in the USA

A private gardener in the US is assigned to a particular property. The property could be a resident’s garden. According to Zip Recruiter, a private gardener earns an average salary of $46,222 a year. This could vary depending on how many hours the gardener worked throughout the year. So, employers ideally pay based on the number of hours worked. This yearly salary is equivalent to $22.22 per hour.

​For any gardener who works beyond the regular working hours, they’d earn more than the average gardener. Salaries don’t get paid while the gardener isn’t working on the property. Payment is calculated based on the duration of work. Workers are contracted either through agents, online platforms or through personal contacts.

A private gardener’s salary in the UK

In the UK, a private gardener earns about £11.59 per hour (according to PayScale). According to Indeed, a private gardener earns £22,140 per year. This charge is on average because gardeners with horticultural experience earn between £15 and £35 per hour. The salary range for those gardeners who are hired through gardener recruitment agencies is between £25 and £35. The owners of the companies receive a commission for connecting the workers with the clients. This is similar to a job obtained through an agent.

​Private gardeners who are self-employed can earn about £15. There are online platforms that connect clients with self-employed gardeners. These platforms can receive a percentage of the payment. However, contracting a job directly from a client doesn’t entail payment percentages. That way, the private gardener is entitled to all the payment. 

Payment based on duties

It’s possible that there would be different gardeners working on a property. The salaries may vary based on this. Some workers may be in charge of only lawn mowing, while another worker may be in charge of fertilizing the area. Salaries may also vary based on the type of work done on the property.

​Someone fertilizing the lawns may receive more payment than someone who clears the entire lawn. Another criterion for differences in payment is a personal charge. Some people who just started in the profession may charge less than someone who has 5 years of experience in the profession. A beginner would charge something called a “starting salary”. With further years of experience, the charge would increase. 

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