An overview of a private chef job today

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Although very underrated, the role of a private chef is actually very important in a home. This is even more true, especially if you have a large house, and cooking seems like a stretch, or you don’t just have the time. Private chefs would take care of your kitchen at a relatively affordable cost from as low as $30 per hour, up to $200 for the pros. The cost is relatively the same in the UK too.

An overview of a private chef job today

For those who have the finance to spare, having a private chef takes off the burden of preparing meals for a household. They may live in the house or stay outside and come to perform their job when due. Chefs at the top half of their career or who work for really rich homes may even be provided with accommodation in the house, which could be a single room or an apartment, along with a car.

Private chefs are responsible for handling all meals in the home, ranging from general family meals to dinners, visitors’ meals, and general events. Basically, they are there for any occasion that involves cooking, instead of hiring a meal bouquet service. In exchange for their services, private chefs are paid handsomely, depending on their expertise and amount of experience.​

Are private chefs the same as personal chefs?

The job description of personal and private chefs generally includes the same things, however, a slight difference exists in whom they serve. A personal chef, just like private chefs, cooks meals for their clients, however, they do this for several of them, and are not tied to one like private chefs. Nevertheless, they are still required to be very competent.

A personal chef could have a calendar he or she works with, and come in on certain days to cook for the home or special events. However, they also do this for several other clients and are not tied to one household. Therefore, they really live in-house and have the option of cooking a meal ahead of time and delivering it to be heated by the client later.​

What are the benefits of hiring a private chef at home?

There are a good amounts of benefits to hiring a private chef, especially if you do not have the time, or you simply have the luxury to afford it.

Private chefs cook and serve you at the comfort of your home, instead of food delivery service that would probably require preheating. They handle shopping, therefore saving you the stress of picking up groceries every other day. Also, they offer a customized menu to suit your taste per time.

​How much do private chef earns in the UK and USA?

The exact salary depends on the level of experience and expertise. As a start, the average hourly salary for private chefs in the US starts at around $30 per hour, translating to $60,000 per year, or the big boys up to $200,000 yearly. The average salary is around $90 000 per year.

In the UK, the salary of a private chef starts at around £25 to £50 per hour. This translates to about £45 000 per year. The pros earn up to £90 000 per year. The average salary of private chefs in the UK is £70,000.

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