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A private chauffeur’s job is transporting their client, family, friends, and/or associates to specified locations within agreed-upon hours. It is critical that they be flexible with their working hours, and expectations and availability are typically established throughout the interview process. When visiting London, hiring a professional chauffeur service is advisable and will be worth it.

Hiring Professional Chauffeurs In London

If you need to find a personal driver, our agency in London offers premium drivers and even cars. Your chauffeur will be your advisor to all road rules, car safety, and highway codes in the UK. You can trust vehicle service specialists to follow the rules and regulations because they have undergone extensive training to be qualified for their role.


We follow strict hiring and screening procedures. We hire professional drivers who are familiar with London and its surroundings. Furthermore, we also do the requisite background checks to confirm that the candidate is in good health and has no previous criminal history.

When you select a reputable company such as Morgan & Mallet International, you can rest assured that the chauffeur you employ will always put your safety first on the road. Your chauffeur will only take the safest routes, will not succumb to road rage, and will know how to handle any potential catastrophes so that you may arrive at your destination safely.

Chauffeur Responsibilities

In London, a typical day as a driver would include transporting sir or madam to meetings, shopping, dinners, activities, or the theater. If the family has children, they will frequently be requested to drive them to school and pick them up with the nanny. They may be called upon to make airport runs or collect and deliver products on occasion.


As a result, a chauffeur must be well-versed in London and its roads in order to ensure that their client arrives at their destination safely and on time, as well as be aware of alternative routes if necessary. They will need to be thoroughly informed of how to care for the vehicle and will be responsible for its upkeep and repair, in addition to having outstanding driving skills.

Our agency is specialized in hiring private chauffeurs in London

Morgan & Mallet International in London can hire for you all kinds of private chauffeurs you require. Either permanent or temporary. Our recruitment range includes London and the whole of the UK.

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Morgan & Mallet International

The leading international household staffing agency

We recruit candidates with a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience in the household staffing industry

We verify the candidate's references each time, we contact every previous employer

We can advise you regarding the work contract and regulations

The recruiter organize a deep interview with all candidates to check their experience

We check their criminal record for you and all official document for your security

We can employ the candidates instead of you
(service available only in UK, USA and France)

Morgan & Mallet International is the leading global agency for luxury domestic and private staff recruitment since 2015. 

Our primary goal is the client’s peace of mind. We specialize in placing domestic and private staff both locally and internationally to cater to our clients’ personal needs. We assist our clients in recruiting household and domestic staff for a variety of settings, including private villas, apartments, palaces, royal residences, chalets, private islands, family offices, yachts, private planes, and diplomatic residences.

Our experts recruit and place highly experienced candidates for exclusive clients, including top business professionals, HNW & UHNW families or individuals, royal families, celebrities, VIPs, VVIPs, political figures, and world-renowned artists. We also provide services to embassies, governmental organizations, diplomats and their families, and international private businesses for managing their extensive properties.

As a recruitment and headhunting agency, we specialize in sourcing private, household, and domestic staff in the USA, UK, Europe, and the Middle East, for both temporary and permanent positions.

We are a global company with offices in key cities such as London, Los Angeles, New-York, Dubai, Paris, Valbonne/Monaco, and Geneva.

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Morgan & Mallet Placement/Payroll Services

Your household staff under Morgan & Mallet Payroll
(USA, UK and France only)

Using Morgan & Mallet International’s payroll services for your household staff ensures legal compliance and manages tax withholdings. It guarantees timely salary payments, handles benefit deductions, reduces paperwork, and maintains organized records.

Staff receive health insurance, retirement plans, and HR support. Liability is minimized through compliance, with mediation services available. Confidentiality is maintained by securely managing employee data.

Placement Cost Calculator

Morgan & Mallet International’s household staff cost calculator helps you estimate the total costs of hiring domestic staff each month. Morgan & Mallet will employ the staff for you and will charge you monthly the estimation below.

By entering the gross salary, the calculator considers taxes, social contributions, insurance, and benefits to provide an accurate total cost estimate.

This is only an estimate. Please contact a recruiter for a more accurate estimate.

Morgan & Mallet in Medias

Our Recruitment Process

Step 1

Define your recruitment needs and the profiles you are looking for

Step 2

Submission of our conclusions and notes regarding your needs

Step 3

Signature of the search mandate

Step 4

Presentation of the candidates selected by us with all the checks carried out on their professional background.

Step 5

Placement of the candidate within your property and regular monitoring of the placement for the first 3 months of employment

When you cannot afford yourself be late for a meeting because taxi is late, when you are tired of driving around the city in taxi taking care of your personal errands or when little talks with a stranger make you uncomfortable while all you really want is a comfortable and safe drive with a person you can trust – private chauffeur is all you need. 

Hiring a personal driver is not only comfort and safety – it is a considerable time saver as well. You will never be worried again about being late for an important meeting, a flight or any other occasion you cannot miss.

You will never have to wait for a car to arrive or catch it outside the street because now you can organise your itinerary for a day beforehand or your chauffeur could wait for you in the car while you are doing your business. Your private chauffeur is always there for you and only for you. No more unpleasant trips in a taxi, no more worries about chauffeur competence – now you can choose the best driver yourself. 

Excellent knowledge of the city, safe and well-timed drive, nice car and presentable appearance – these all are related to the image of private chauffeur. Moreover, what really makes private chauffeur an extremely significant part of your life is the fact that he or she can not only pick you up and drop you off, chauffeurs are nowadays personal assistants to their principals who in their turn benefit from it immensely.

Your time spent for transportation will never be in vain again as you can use it for giving some instructions related to your personal or business life – pick up clothes from dry cleaning, pay your bills, deliver documents, collect relatives from the airport and many many more. All that can be done for you. Your chauffeur will assure that you do not forget about any of your plans, any of your important meetings and things to do.

However, have you ever wondered how to find a reliable and discreet chauffeur who you can trust with your personal errands, your belongings and your life, of course?
Morgan & Mallet International team is here to help you out.

All the candidates who are registered with us have at least 3 years’ experience working for an individual or a family, clean driving license and very often are specially trained as personal chauffeurs or bodyguards. Having worked for private families, our chauffeurs are familiar with the specification of this job – the flexibility, trust and total discretion are of the primary importance.

Our candidates have experience driving luxury cars, certain skill set necessary to maintain the car, take care of paper work related to it and always provide 5-star service and comfortable smooth driving to their principals. 

Your new way of peaceful and relaxed drive is waiting for you. Contact Morgan & Mallet International in any part of the world and we will assure you receive the best service from your household personnel. 


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