How to present a well done resume ?

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In this article, we will explain what are the essential points to indicate in your resume, as well as how to articulate the information in order to optimize the ergonomics of your resume.

Important informations at the top of your resume

At the top of your resume, it is important to indicate your name and surname as well as your contact details (your email address and phone number) the recruiter must easily find this information so that they can contact you. If your contact information is not highlighted, it may not be retained.​

List your experiences

At Morgan & Mallet International, we recruit profiles with 3 to 5 years of experience in the field of the private household job you are applying for. It is therefore important to list your experiences by detailing precisely the tasks and responsibilities that were yours during your previous jobs. The names of these experiences must include the name of the company, the name of the position and the dates between which you were posted.

If you have had previous experiences that do not correspond to the position you wish to apply for, it is still important to include these experiences. This allows the recruiter to get an idea of your profile and your overall career path. The missions to be detailed more precisely are the experiences of the last 4 years. Schooling is also a precision to bring. High school, graduate studies… Your background will help us understand how and why you would like to apply for an offer.

Don’t forget your soft skills

The term soft skills has appeared in recent years. It designates all your skills outside the professional framework. We can also designate them as centers of interest or qualities (creative, optimistic, practice of an instrument, of a sport, etc.) these facets of your personality allow the recruiter to know you more. You are much more than a position, so we also need to know your interests to know if you can fit a position from a skills’ perspective, but also from a personal perspective, indeed, some external elements can be as important as for example a pet friendly statement…

You now have all the keys to create a tailor-made CV that tells about your experiences and yourself and optimize your chances of joining the recruitment firm Morgan & Mallet International.

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