What Are The Luxury Hotel Residence Staff Salaries In The UK?

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For any hotel to be successful and rise above the competition, there has to be a group of reliable staff. When a hotel has staff who fail to uphold the goals and tenets of hospitality, it will fail. Hotel residence staff play a key role in ensuring the success of the organization. If you are looking for residence employment or employees in the hotel industry, learning the salary range in the UK would help.

Chefs, Head Cooks and Primary Kitchen Staff

Although some hotels hire this group of employees through a third-party contractor, having them on standby saves money and increases accountability. A quality hotel with contract staff is not usually as efficient in providing services as one that has resident or live-in kitchen staff.

​With resident staff, flexibility and quality are guaranteed. These employees will be more productive because they don’t need to worry about commuting daily and all the challenges that come with it. These workers earn approximately £41,200 per annum.

Security Guards, Concierges, and Private Guards

Apart from providing security for the hotel, private guards and concierges offer private services to clients on-demand. These services could be on-site or off-site. Depending on their specific qualifications and individual level of experience, these employees typically earn between £29,700 and £34,000 in the UK.

Groundskeepers, Janitors, Office Clerks, and Restaurant Waiters

As appearance matters a lot when it comes to preserving hotel reputation, these staff are employed to cover that front. With enough on the ground around the clock, they are always available to keep the hotel environs spick and span. Janitors, clerks, and restaurant waiters also earn the same salary range as groundskeepers. These members of staff manage to earn between £20,000 and £21,300.

Kitchen Cleaners and Dishwashers

Without cooks and essential kitchen staff, a hotel’s service can’t be complete. However, these cooks depend on other kitchen helpers to speed up the cooking and serving process. On average, these workers earn between £17,600 and £19,000 a year.

Private Chauffeurs, Bartenders

Hosts/Hostesses and Bellhop Staff. These people deal with customers directly daily. How they treat customers contributes significantly to the success of the hotel. No one wants to revisit a hotel with rude hosts and Hostesses. These essential staff typically earn between £27,000 and £37,500 in the United Kingdom.

Laundry/Cleaning Staff, and Dining Room Attendants

​These are members of the auxiliary staff in luxury hotels. On average, the salaries of these staff members fall between the range of £19,000 and £28,000.

Servers, Maids, and Housekeepers

These guys are farther down the chain of command and have the lowest salaries according to statistics. Their salaries are usually valued at £19,800 and £26,000.

Mechanics, Handymen, and Engineers

Having at least one of this group of employees is convenient for moments of emergencies with technical equipment in the hotel. So, it’s no surprise that these employees can earn up to £38,400 as yearly income.

​All earnings indicated above are strictly salaries excluding bonuses, hotel privileges, allowances, and tips. Also, the values are usually dependent on the hotel so they are not fixed. Reach out to a reliable household staff recruitment agency for more information about residence staff for luxury hotels.

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