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Housekeeper (H/F)

4068 LDM
May 30, 2024
To be discussed

Job description

We are in search of a meticulous and seasoned daily Housekeeper for a private residence located in Miami, USA. Initially, the chosen candidate will work autonomously in a 5000 square foot apartment, occupied by two principals for approximately six months per year. ​After about a year, the principals will relocate to a larger apartment spanning around 18,000 square feet, necessitating the Housekeeper's assistance with the move and setup of the new home. ​At this juncture, additional staff will be hired, with the Housekeeper responsible for supervising and training them as required. The principals typically spend two months per year (usually in April and September) in Israel, and they desire the Housekeeper to either accompany them or travel independently to Israel to provide assistance during their stay. The ideal candidate must possess exceptional tidiness, organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to follow instructions. Previous experience in semiformal or formal household settings is a prerequisite. This is a permanent full-time position available for an immediate start.


Carry out daily cleaning duties, such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming, to uphold cleanliness and hygiene standards. Regularly sanitize kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Oversee all laundry tasks, including washing, ironing, folding, and organizing clothes and linens, ensuring delicate fabrics and special items are handled with care. Maintain beds and change linens as needed. Dust and polish furniture, fixtures, and decor, arranging them according to the homeowners' preferences. Keep living spaces orderly and organized, including closets, pantries, and storage areas. Clean windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. Dispose of waste in a hygienic manner by emptying trash bins. Promptly identify and report any household maintenance issues or necessary repairs. Undertake occasional special projects, like seasonal cleaning or reorganization. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of the homeowners and their possessions. The Housekeeper will also be required to accompany the principals to their residence in Israel for two months annually. Travel expenses will be covered, and assistance will be provided while in Israel.​


Experience in similar positions with excellent references, particularly in semiformal or formal households Able to speak English fluently Eligible to work in the US Based in the Miami area (accommodation during trips to Israel will be provided) Available to travel with the client Highly professional person with a strong work ethic Organized, neat and tidy Willing to take on more responsibilities in the future and grow with the household​

Work conditions

Job Title: Housekeeper Work Location: Miami, USA 5 days per week from 10 am to 4pm. Flexibility is required for travelling and for when the client has events (extra hours will be paid separately).​


The will be discussed based on experience.
This job offer is introduced to you by Marina Schevchenko
This job offer is managed by Morgan Mallet International's agency London - UK
Address : 25 North Row, Mayfair, London W1K 6DJ, United Kingdom
Marina Schevchenko

Marina Shevchenko is a dedicated professional with a decade-long journey at Morgan & Mallet International, beginning part-time in 2014 and transitioning to full-time in 2015. Specialising in client and candidate relations, she excels in catering to individuals from the UK, US, and Eastern Europe. Fluent in English, Ukrainian, and Russian, Marina's multilingual skills facilitate seamless communication. Her role extends beyond borders, having managed Morgan & Mallet's offices in the UK and Ukraine. Marina's passion lies in understanding the distinct requirements of clients and candidates, ensuring perfect matches that align with their goals and personalities. She thrives on forging lasting connections and delivering exceptional service.

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This job offer is managed by Morgan Mallet International's agency London - UK
Address : 25 North Row, Mayfair, London W1K 6DJ, United Kingdom
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4068 LDM




May 30, 2024


To be discussed
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