Hotel Housekeeping Duties : What is a Housekeeper’s Typical Day in a Hotel ?

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When customers stay at hotels, they want clean sheets, no traces of prior use, and a room free of dirt. Some guests consider whether the doorknobs at Bed & Breakfast motels have been sterilized when booking a hotel, while others are picky about the remote controls at five-star hotels. Hoteliers invest much in proper housekeeping since the hotel industry satisfies man’s basic needs for shelter while also infusing luxury, commerce, and pleasure into the services supplied to customers. 

Who is a Hotel Housekeeper?

A hotel housekeeper is a person who is in charge of cleaning the hotel’s rooms, common areas, and utilities. Hotel housekeepers may be assigned to a particular section, such as the laundry unit, where they wash, dry, and fold the laundry, or they may be asked to clean multiple areas in one shift. They are expected to have physical stamina and clean completely regardless of the situation.

Also, restocking tissues and soaps, dusting furniture, replacing dirty towels, and maintaining the general cleanliness of the room are all responsibilities inherent in a housekeeper job. Most of the time, they also bring packages to guests and make sure that the room is pristine and ready for the next check-in.

Professions in Hotel Housekeeping Services

If a person wants to advance in the hotel housekeeping sector or the hotel industry in general, it is advised that they obtain a bachelor’s degree and possibly some course specialty. The following are the different types of hotel cleaning jobs (in hierarchical order):

  • Executive Housekeeper ;
  • Assistant Executive Housekeeper ;
  • Supervisors (Floor, Linen room, Control desk, Laundry, Public area, Horticulturist, among others) ;
  • Attendants (Room, Cloak room, Control desk, Pressmen and washers, tailor, upholistor, gardeners, florists, storekeepers, among others) ;
  • Assistants and Trainees. 

It is worth noting that the availability of these roles is generally determined by the hotel’s size—small, medium, or large.

Responsibilities and Qualifications Within the Hotel Housekeeping Services

The following are some of the responsibilities that vary based on the job desired in the industry:

Executive Housekeeper

An executive housekeeper is in charge of the housekeeping department and is expected to have a Bachelor’s degree at the very least. They are in charge of overseeing housekeeping operations and ensuring that visitors have the highest level of comfort and satisfaction during their stay. They are in charge of inventory control, as well as budget and cost control.

Assistant Executive Housekeeper

The assistant executive housekeeper should have a hotel management diploma at the very least. They are in charge of scheduling area cleaning, coordinating the supervisors’ and attendants’ actions, and assisting the executive housekeeper with housekeeping operations.


Supervisors must have a high school diploma at the very least. They evaluate the cleaned private and public places, coordinate shifts, and instruct housekeepers on the chores that are expected of them.


Attendants must have a high school certificate and are responsible for cleaning rooms, polishing furniture, emptying trash cans, filling the kitchen with basics, washing dishes, restocking toiletries, and cleaning public areas, among other things.

Assistants and Trainees

Assistants and trainees must have at least a high school diploma, and while trainees learn how to manage nice environments, assistants are responsible for maintaining hygiene, keeping the room and environment clean, and helping wherever needed.

The housekeepers may be invisible, but they work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep the environment clean and safe for customers. As a result, hoteliers are able to meet the needs of their customers while also preserving a great reputation.

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