Hire a Butler : benefits and conditions

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A qualified butler is an asset to many households. The role of a butler is to manage the needs of an entire environment. This role tends to differ from the housekeeper role. A housekeeper will handle the daily predictable duties while the butler is expected to handle many unpredictable needs that may arise for the members living in the home.

The Role of a Butler

A housekeeper will manage the cleaning tasks and a butler role incorporates a broader range of items :

  • may be in charge of paying and managing household bills ;
  • greeting all household guests and will check up on them ;
  • ensure that all entertainment and dining arrangements are in place ;
  • keep suites and guest rooms up to the highest of standards ;
  • may supervise and oversee other staff members ;
  • chauffeur duties may be included ;
  • hands-on maintenance tasks ;
  • uphold dress and etiquette standards ;
  • hosting household entertainment while assisting in the planning of events ;
  • oversee the table settings ;
  • more upon the discretion of their employer ;
  • can manage all appointments for the household.

Butlers still exist in this modern age and they are still employed in many areas in the world. There are some similarities between a house manager and a butler. A butler will have much in common with a valet too. A butler may carry out a large variety of hands-on tasks as outlined in their agreement.

Butler : The Benefits

There are numerous advantages for having a butler. People have various reasons for incorporating a butler into their household. The following are a sample of the benefits that will come with a butler :

  • a trusted butler will add extra security in a home. A household has the extra layer of protection because someone will be there to watch and oversee the daily happenings of the entire environment which will incorporate added safety and security ;
  • a butler will free up your time by managing many household duties for you. The household members will have more time to spend together with their favorite activities. The planning of activities and appointments will be in competent hands ;
  • allow extra time for entertaining; a household, with a butler, can entertain more often and all events will be managed efficiently. The entertainment planning will be completed and handled by the butler who is running the household.

Qualities : A Credible and Qualified Butler

A credible and qualified butler will have some noteworthy attributes. Their role will be to provide a household with excellence in terms of their service. The following qualities will come with the qualified butler :

  • high organizational skills ;
  • discrete with all household happenings ;
  • will have the ability to work well under pressure ;
  • will have exceptional customer service skills and team playing will be included ;
  • management skills (household).

A Credible Agency and a Good Butler

There are some good recruitment options available for those who choose to hire a butler. A credible recruiter like Morgan&Mallet, for hiring a butler, is going to be beneficial for the following reasons :

  • customized solutions ;
  • transparency through the entire selection process ;
  • efficiency and speed throughout the process ;
  • will have access to quality candidates ;
  • can provide up-to-date details about the prospective candidates with valid background checks ;
  • negotiate fair contracts.

Our agency will be able to assess the household needs and select the right person for the position.

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