The Executive Assistant Daily Checklist

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The role of an executive assistant in an organization cannot be overemphasized. Although not necessarily technical, it is one of the most dynamic job functions in a company. Each day, it evolves to become a more professional role that requires expertise. As an executive assistant, you should be prepared to complete loads of assignments and tasks every day at the office. As a result, you may lose track of certain tasks you are meant to complete or may become too overwhelmed to do much. However, creating a checklist can help solve this problem. As an executive assistant, you should consider creating a daily checklist to help you keep records of what you have done and what you haven’t. Before we go deeper, let’s first look at the role of an executive assistant.

What Role Does An Executive Assistant Play In An Establishment?

The role of an executive assistant is mainly administrative. This is carried out by professionals who have a good knowledge of what being an executive assistant is all about. They are highly skilled individuals who ensure that the daily routines of the administration run smoothly

These individuals are also the backbone of the organization’s executive members. That is, they make their job functions easier by carrying out most of the administrative roles, giving the executives enough time to engage in other business interests. Executive assistants are crucial to the success of an organization. 

What the Executive Assistant Daily Checklist Looks Like

Executive assistants are busy bees. At work, they hardly find time to do other things that are not linked to administrative functions. Therefore, to avoid getting overwhelmed with work, they must have a well-organized strategy that helps them keep everything in check. This is where a daily checklist becomes paramount. Below is an overview of what an executive assistant’s daily checklist may look like:

Morning Checklist

As an executive assistant, this is perhaps the most important part of your daily checklist. Having a morning checklist puts you in the mood to make well-organized plans throughout the day. First, you must develop a habit of getting to the office on time. This leaves you refreshed and well-prepared to engage in the day’s activities. Rushing to the office just a few minutes before activities begin can leave you stressed out and confused. You may also consider doing the following tasks in the morning:

  • Arranging your corner in the office ;
  • Decluttering your workspace ;
  • Sipping a cup of coffee ;
  • Greeting your colleagues in a heartwarming manner ;
  • Creating a plan for work activities for the day.

Doing these puts you in the mood to work and helps you stay organized throughout the day. 

Afternoon Checklist 

As work activities are ongoing, it is always a good idea to meet up with your executive in their office to know if they need you to carry out any new task. This should be done by afternoon. If there are no new tasks, you can complete the previous tasks or do other basic things in the afternoon. You can consider doing the following:

  • Preparing and sending out reports ;
  • Making traveling arrangements ;
  • Preparing invitation letters for a meeting ;
  • Ensure purchases and orders are sorted out.

At the end of the day, before you prepare to go home, ensure that you complete your daily tasks at the office. Don’t create a habit of moving tasks to the next day because the day is over. Lastly, in an executive assistant job, you must realize that having a daily checklist is essential to your success.

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