What are the different jobs in a yacht crew ?

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A yacht is a sail power vessel used for pleasure, cruising, or in most cases racing. Most times, it is used for catching fun and having unlimited pleasure.

For a vessel to be regarded as a yacht, it should be at least 33 ft (10m) and must have a top-notch aesthetic. A commercial yacht, requires the presence of a cabin crew to make the runnings smooth. Often times, the people that board a commercial yacht are friends and family members out for the purpose of relaxation.

​For their stay to be worthwhile, people working on the boat have to be on top of all situations.

Job Opportunities on a Yacht

Every yacht needs a crew that would direct the affairs on board. Hence, it means that there are a lot of job opportunities on a yacht waiting for suitable candidates to present themselves. Here are some job opportunities that are on a yacht.​

  • Steward/ess: a steward is in-charge of attending to people on a yacht interior.
  • Deckhand: a Deckhand takes care of the exterior of a yacht. He is also in-charge of taking care of the toys on a yacht.
  • 2nd Mate: a 2nd mate acts as an assistance for the first mate.
  • 1st Mate: a 1st mate takes orders from the yacht captain when necessary. He also distributes the duties accordingly.
  • Chief: he has the duty of ordering for provision and food items and preparing the menu.
  • Engineer: a yacht engineer takes care of all technical issues on a yacht. He also does all the electrical and mechanical faults. Sometimes, he handles the plumbing jobs.
  • Captain: the captain is the overall head on a yacht, he is vested with the overall duty of running a yacht. He also handles administrative an HR duties. 

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Depending on the owners of the yacht, jobs like body guarding, gym instructors, nannies and the likes can also be required to be a part of crew members.

Requirement for working on a yacht

Just like every organization across the world, working on a yacht requires some level of expertise. The most important and general requirement for all crew members is the STWC basic crew training. Crew members are also required to have Seafarer medical certificates to show that they are medically fit to work on board.

In addition, all other crew professions also have specific requirements and certifications. For example, interior crew members are required to have a degree in hotel management, or work experience in the hospitality sector.

For the position of a deckhand, you would be required to have at least RYA power boat II, which gives you right to drive a tender. On the other hand, as an engineer, the minimum requirement is the approved Engineering course, which gives the engineer an edge in the repair of diesel engines.

How to Recruit a yacht crew?

After applying with a presentable CV, if the recruiter finds you fit for the role, you would get invited for an interview, where you have to convince the recruiter.

Exploring online links and networking is a way of recruiting a yacht worker. The most standard method is the use of a professional agency to help with recruitment.

​Even though there are numerous online websites through online searches where one can get them, professional agencies help you in the processes.

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