The Benefits of hiring a Domestic Couple

Domestic couple working for a private family
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In a busy household with significant demands, eventually may arise the need for professional help. If you are planning on getting professional staff to handle lots of duties and responsibilities in your not very large property but you do not want to overcrowd it with too many people domestic couple would be a perfect fit for you. 

Why is it beneficial to hire a Domestic Couple ?

Firstly, you will get two equal professionals with extensive experience of working together in the hospitality industry who can bring harmony to your household and get all things in order. The couple are usually married so you as an employer should not worry whether they would build a good team, as they have already been a team before and enjoy working together. Most of the time, couples are very experienced in a wide range of household work. 

The skills and knowledge may vary from couple to couple, and they are very flexible regarding their duties. The responsibilities might be shared in many different ways. The usual combinations are as follows: housekeeper / cook – houseman / chauffeur / gardener; private chef jobs / house manager jobs housekeeper / nanny; butler – cook / nanny and many more. However, a good couple is always willing to learn and adapt to their principals’ needs and requirements. 

One of the main advantages of a couple is while being effective team players they can share and take new responsibilities according to the needs of the household. 

Secondly, you can get all things done with the help of only two people who, on the other hand, act as one. Certainly, if we are not speaking about a large estate. Couple most of the time share the accommodation and request lower salary rather than two individual members of staff for the same responsibilities. As long as the couple have days off and holidays together, they are very likely to stay and work for one family on a long-term basis, which makes them very loyal and sought-after employees.

  • Moreover, people working domestic couples jobs are more likely to be willing to work on public holidays or unsociable hours, as their family and most of the social life are inside of their work life. 

They are more flexible to travel with the principals to different residencies and even worldwide. Furthermore, hiring a domestic couple will allow you to travel easily at short notice, as you can be sure that the couple who already became a vital part of your family will take care of everything in the house while you are absent. Besides, a couple may take care of pets as well. 

Domestic Couple is absolutely the best choice for your part-time residence. If you have a holiday residence somewhere in the countryside, or a beach house, which is used for several months a year, or holidays only – domestic couple would be perfect to help you with its maintenance. You can be certain that it is secure and fully cleaned up at times when you are not there, and you will get full time high standard service during your visit. 

If you consider hiring a domestic couple for your household we are here to assist you.

  • We have many versatile couples registered with our agency with at least 3 years experience, positive references and they would love to find a perfect household and family to work for.

Contact any of our agencies worldwide to find your perfect couple.

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