5 reasons to hire a female butler

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Running a large household was usually a male-dominated position; lately, ads for Butler are likely to be filled by a woman. A butler is typically a male servant who oversaw wines and table, and the head servant of a household.

​The butler role is now unisex as women are filling this position instead of the usual housekeeper or house cleaners’ roles. Supposing you are thinking of hiring a female butler, below are the requirements and functions of the position.

​We will also talk about the advantages of hiring a woman over a male butler.

What are the Roles of a butler?

The roles of a butler involve handling things in the house with foresight. The duties include settling the family’s bills, hosting guests in the home, arranging parties, booking a medical appointment for the family. There are also in charge of other activities such as: directing the stocking of the kitchen, managing the wine and being a chauffeur.

What are the credentials of a Butler?

That role demands diverse qualifications and skills to succeed apart from having expert house administration talents. Additional skills are required.

  • Being truthful, tactful, and reliable;
  • Respectable and personable;
  • Superb communication skills and speaking other languages;
  • Multitasking and can anticipate the needs of the family;
  • Vast knowledge of etiquette and fashion trends.

Five advantages of choosing women butlers over men butlers

See explanations of the advantages of female butlers over their male counterparts below.

Child Management skills

A female butler will have better child management abilities compared to a male butler, especially if the household has newborns. Though babysitting in a family is the duty of nannies, a butler having babysitting experience can detect childcare problems for newborns and solve them without any difficulty.

Wardrobe Management

Some lady butlers are fashion conscious and trained in the fashion design profession. In lieu of that, they can advise on fashion trends and wardrobe change. Though a female butler packs garments for travel, she also picks unique designer brands for her lady boss. That takes the weight of what to wear for occasions off your shoulder.

A Female Butler befits a Female-Owned House

If a lady owns a house, she will hire a female butler. Currently, lady butlers are well-trained to carry out the task of male butlers like being chauffeurs and guarding that home. They manage the servants, handle renovating the house, and coordinate events for the household.


Most female butlers are devoted to the Madam of that home. The lady butler will be her friend and chat with her during trips and help her. Soon, she will be highly trusted, and that closeness helps the lady butler anticipate her needs.

Health and Exercise

Some female butlers are trained with skills in areas like nutrition, workout routines, and time management. Overwork could cause stress for you. The lady butler could help you build work, health, and nutrition balance. So, you would be more productive at work, eat healthy food, and do exercise drills that will refresh and keep you healthier.


  • Why would you desire a butler position?

It enables you to work with industry leaders and allows you to travel.

  • Do Butlers live in your home?

A butler can live in the guest house or live outside and work for you.

  • What do you call a female butler?

A man or woman can be a butler; that word is not gender-sensitive.

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