5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Personal Assistant

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  • Many successful businessmen and businesswomen have experienced all benefits of hiring such professional time-managers and organizers as Personal Assistant.
  • A qualified personal assistant can be a valuable asset both for your business and for your household.

For those who do not understand the real value of a personal assistant, and that the presence of such a candidate in your arsenal will significantly simplify your life, Morgan & Mallet International would like to provide a list of important responsibilities that can be performed by personal assistants :

  • Schedule management is one of the main tasks of a personal assistant. A busy person having a lot of tasks on their table may just forget to write down some arranged meeting in a diary and miss that after all. A personal assistant will always make sure that you remember about an important meeting or appointment and will reschedule it if necessary.
  • Make travel arrangements. A personal assistant will always be willing to organize their client’s trip should it be for business or pleasure. They can do their own research in order to find the best hotel for your business trip in any part of the world or contact special agencies in order to collect information about the best resorts for your vacation.  
  • Secretary role. Personal assistants can even cover such basic secretary role as filtering your phone calls, answering emails or dealing with correspondence.
  • Household management is an integral part of your daily life that takes a lot of your precious time you can spend with your family or on yourself. A personal assistant can help you with recruiting the right staff for your property as they definitely know your character, preferences and needs; they can deal with different kinds of payments; they can even contact contractors and suppliers and liaise with them afterwards so you will not need to bother if everything is done.
  • Event planning and gift shopping. You may feel free to ask your personal assistant to organize a corporate party or, if he/she is close to your family, the PA can arrange a birthday party, as normally a qualified and professional personal assistant may have such experience in their background. â€‹They will know how to book a table in the best restaurant in the city at a short notice or will have the list of bespoke catering companies for your event. They can keep a list of gifts you gave to your friends and relatives for birthday or Christmas last year and can recommend presents in the future or you can choose the present on your own and just ask your PA to order that. A good PA will always try to get a better price for their employer.

If you are still trying to find the right Personal Assistant or after reading this article you have decided to hire one for yourself, please feel free to contact Morgan & Mallet International.

  • Our consultants will provide the best specialists and the right personality for you.
  • In case you have all the skills listed above, please feel free to apply through our agency so Morgan & Mallet International can help you meet your future employer. 
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